Aurora One Home Automation

The Aurora One Home Automation range of products are perfect for turning the average home into a smart home.

The Aurora Lighting Smart Hub is a smart hub that allow you to control up to eighty items via one central controller. The hub may be connected to a smartphone app, smart home controller, or information appliance like the Amazon Alexa. You retain the ability to turn off lights and other items at the wall switch or a physical switch built into the power strip.

Aone Sense products are internal sensors that connect to other Aone products. The internal PIR sensor detects movement, light levels and whether or not someone is in a room. It can activate the lights as you enter the room and turn them off when you leave. The door and window sensor detects when either has been entered. Whether you want to turn on the lights when the door is opened or activate an alarm when a window is opened without authorisation, the Aone sense products will communicate this information to the controlling hub that then responds according to its pre-programmed settings.

Aone Light products are attractive but durable LED lights that are plug and play with Aone control systems. The Aone candle LED lights are perfect for your chandeliers or decorative light fixtures. Several LED bulbs fit in overhead lights, lamps, and light fixtures. There are accent lights and direct light fixtures by Aurora One. These lights are energy efficient, stylish, and become part of your smart home system once you install them.

No complicated software is necessary to be able to dim your bedroom lights via a voice command to Google Home or smart home app setting change. If you program a schedule into the smart home hub, your lights will turn on, adjust and turn off throughout the day in a way that maximises visibility and minimises energy use.

Aone Control products can be used to control items like conventional lights that could not otherwise be connected to home automation hubs. And they can be used to connect a variety of items to your home automation system quickly and easily.

The Aone Power strips allow you to control light levels via smart phone apps, or you could switch to the Aone remote control. Use their branded light switch plates to adjust light levels while in bed or from switches you can install without having to rewire the house. Their switches and dimmers fit into your standard back boxes.